Back & Forth


This is a game I designed to give students practice in the areas in which they most frequently make errors in, such as:
comparative and superlative adjectives
past simple (regular/irregular)
past progressive
present perfect
-ed VS -ing (e.g. bored / boring)

Materials required for this game:esl-quiz-card1.gif
Question cards

The game is to be played as normal Snakes & Ladders, with counters and a dice. However, the difference is that if a player lands on a square with a star, then s/he can proceed only once s/he gives the right answer for a question from the Question Cards. Each question card has the answer inside a flap that can be flipped open.
The Question Cards can be increased to as many as desired. Thus this game can be used to revise any topic, theme or subject with any level of students.
Teachers may decide how many players can play at one board. It doesn’t matter as long as each one has a separate colour counter.

• To begin, place all counters on the START square. The questions cards should be shuffled and placed in a pile, face-down, with the answer flap closed.
• Players take turns to roll the dice, proceed forward by the number on the dice.
• If a player’s counter stops on a square with a star, then that player has to take a Question Card from the pile and answer it.
• If the player answers the question on the card correctly, s/he can remain on the square. If the answer is wrong, s/he must move his/her counter back to the last position.
• The next player then rolls the dice and proceeds.
• The player who has to move back because s/he couldn’t get the answer right, must wait for the next turn to roll the dice and proceed again.
• If a player’s counter lands on a bad luck square, s/he must move down to the given square.
• If a player’s counter lands on a good luck square, s/he can move up to the given square.
• The first player to reach the final square and answer a question correctly is the winner.

ESL Snakes & Ladders Board Click here for ESL Snakes & Ladders Board

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