Scrabble® tiles
Useful for:

  • vocabulary building/revising
  • learning/revising spelling


  • Place all tiles in a bag/box
  • Players take turns to take out one tile at  a time (without looking)
  • Taken out tiles kept in the center
  • After the second letter is taken out,
  • Any player who can shout out a word that can be formed from the letters, take the word and keep it in front of him/her
  • Continue this as players keep taking turns to turn over the tiles (clockwise)
  • If a player can use one or more of the turned over letters to change a word another player already has s/he can snatch that player’s word
  • Continue playing until all the tiles have been turned over
  • When no player can think of another word
  • Count the values of the letters to calculate the score

Winner is the one with the highest score

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