This is an adaptation of the card game Rummy, but played using a deck of cards that has letters not numbers. The letters are assigned values (Click here to see letter/value distribution), and the purpose of the game is to make as many words as possible to attain a high score. 2 to 4 players can play the game.

To begin, one player shuffles and deals the cards – 7 cards per player
The rest of the cards are placed, face down, in the center.
The dealer, places one card from the center pile, face up in the center
The dealer then either takes the card face up, or pick another one from the center (face down) pile
S/he then forms as many words as possible with the cards in his hand (each word should be at least 3 letters), then place one card face up in the center
Next player (clockwise) does the same (pick a card from one of the piles, form words, discard a card)
If a player wants a card from those placed face up, s/he has to pick up all/any cards on top of it
The game is over when either a player finishes his hand or there are no more cards in the center pile (whichever happens first)
The player who finishes his hand first gets a bonus of 25 points
Then all players add the values of the letters used in words and subtract from that the total score of letters not used in words
Winner is the player who has the highest scare.

Click here to download printable deck of VOCAB-RUMMY cards

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