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Language Functions


Look carefully at the following sentences : Well, Raheema was the woman to whom it happened. So it is highly unlikely that Usman is a carpenter. Furthermore, the crow is black. Therefore anyone in the room could have been the culprit. Many cohesive devices are used correctly here, However, it is not clear how the sequence makes sense (at least not from the piece of the discourse available here)...

Discourse and Discourse Analysis


Discourse is a linguistic unit composed of several sentences, that has a unified meaning – written or spoken. Discourse can be anything from a grunt or single expletive, through short conversations and scribbled notes right up to novels or a lengthy legal case. Discourse Analysis is the study of discourse, or language used by members of a speech community. Discourse Analysis looks at both...

Discourse Analysis


This is the study of discourse, or language used by members of a apecific speech community / communities. Discourse Analysis looks at both language form and function, and includes the study of both spoken interaction and written texts.